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By utilising the s::can UV spectro::lyser, aquaculture producers using RAS can maximise productivity.

RAS are finely balanced ecosystems, requiring careful control of the water quality to maximise yields and avoid a catastrophic loss of stock.  Utilising simple pH and dissolved oxygen(DO) control sometimes isn’t sufficient and in this case study researchers utilised the UV spectro::lyser’s capability to monitor nitrate, nitrite, total organic carbon(TOC) and suspended solids(TSS).

The system also comprised of the pH::lyser and the oxi::lyser for monitoring of pH, DO and temperature, all three sensors fed back to a concube controller.

With s::can’s online monitoring system, I can check the direct effects of different treatments to the water quality in fish tanks. It gives me instant information about the conditions the fish are experiencing. The detection of nitrite can prevent any harmful effects on the fish.

Jani PulkkinenResearch Scientist
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