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This s::can case study demonstrates the power of moni::tool and ana::tool combined with a microstation setup, all combined to create a network of remote monitoring stations.

In this setup, the spectro::lyser is combined with an ammo::lyser, a chlori::lyser and a pH::lyser to provide real-time monitoring for COD, BOD, nitrate, pH, chlorine, ammonia and conductivity.

The real benefit of the system is the use of the ana::tool software for a real-time event detection system, enabling the recognition of events that may not be identifiable by simply monitoring parameters alone.

The sensors are installed in a microstation flow cell setup in conjunction with a concube controller, providing real-time results to a central location via the data transfer function of moni::tool.

s::can’s system does not only work as a safeguard of the quality of drinking water in First Nation communities but also acts as a verification of the equipment at the local plants.

Lyndon LoboArrow Technology Group
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