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Ensuring compliance with any COD discharge consents is an important part of a manufacturers monitoring regime, in this case study, the dairy went further and reduced product loss.

For this dairy, a spectro::lyser was set up to monitor the nature of the product loss during a cleaning cycle as well as ensuring the wastewater discharge was beneath their discharge consent.

COD was the output used to demonstrate the compliance aspect, but it was the use of the UV-Vis spectral data combined with the power of the ana::tool software to identify the type of product being lost to the sewers that provided a quick return on investment.

The spectro::lyser was set up to measure COD, TSS and connected to a concube terminal.

A single event detected by the spectro::lyser has the potential to pay for several of these units. We do not only save money on lower product loss, but also on (chemical) treatment and municipal charges.

Ben McClellanEnvironmental Compliance Manager UDA
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