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On the 24th June 2021, PMA celebrated our 50th anniversary as a supplier of online instrumentation and chemical reagents in the UK. Colleagues past and present gathered for a celebration of this achievement at our headquarters in Slaithwaite.

On the 24th June 1971, Process Measurement & Analysis (or PMA) was founded and quickly became one of the most reliable and respected providers of online instruments, primarily to the UK water industry.

In 1971, the business was located in Merseyside, and it’s aim at that time (and still is) was to bring novel, reliable instrumentation to the UK from overseas manufacturers.

Initially focusing on pH and turbidity instrumentation, our main customers were in the chemical and manufacturing industry but it wasn’t long before the water industry caught on to the innovative technology PMA was bringing to the UK.

After PMA brought the Tytronics Sentinel range of colorimeters to the UK, we became keen to supply our own range of  reagents. As such, we acquired a company called DHA Scientific Ltd. With this acquisition the company moved to its current HQ at Slaithwaite where it is today.

Since then, we at PMA have continued to bring innovative instrumentation to the UK, and provide the necessary reagents and chemicals used in those instruments to provide a complete solution to our customers in the water industry, the oil & gas industry and our industrial customers.

We are very proud of our origins, our dedicated staff and the way the company it continues to flourish and mature after 50 years. This is a great tribute to everyone involved and we look forward to our next significant anniversary.

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